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After playing all the custom levels I found on the SUPERHOTline Miami community, I decided to edit them and create a few of my own levels to create a 9 level simple story line. The story is weak but there, and follows a man who single-handedly takes down a well armed mob hidden in the elaborate basement of a town store front.

Credit Goes out to these community members for the levels they shared, that I edited lightly for this collection:

2 - The Basement ("HS_LEVEL_2" by Honeysmasher)

3 - The Ballroom ("Makeemcount" by BabyExDannyBoi)

5 - Running Thin ("tres" by CosmereNaught)

6 - Twists and Turns ("Small Spaces" by fabpotatoes)

7 - The Army ("HS_LEVEL_1" by Honeysmasher)

8 - The Elevator ("foursome" by BabyExDannyBoi)

9 - The Boss ("SUPERHOTLINE_MIAMI_MAP1" by Santa)

I hope you have fun playing through the levels and please don't hesitate to give feedback!

- Angusg396


SUPERHOTline Miami - The Mob.zip 11 kB


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how do you get it to work?

great leves!